The Classic Catering School Uganda is one of the leading catering schools in Africa offering encouraging cookery courses such as; diploma in food and catering services, diploma in cake baking and decoration, certificate in  customized organic spices, organic groceries and culinary literature at the hands of famous professional chefs.

What will the student required to join Classic catering school Uganda for the diploma?

All you will need to join for the diploma is as follows;

S.6 Certificate/Certificate in catering.              Valid ID (Passport, national ID, driver’s license)

Registration fee of Ugx 50,000                         Three passport photos

Uniform (found at school). 80,000                     School ID Ugx 10,000

Chopping board Ugx 35,000                               Laundry fee of Ugx 30,000

Chef’s knife (found at school). 35,000                  Chef’s towel (found at school). 10,000

Students take a duration of four semesters which is 16 months with the amount of Ugx 550,000 (five hundred fifty shillings) per semester.

The time for classes (Study time) is 9:00am – 12:00pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and being that we a professionals, we set 20 students per class so that everyone gets the skills.

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